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LessonBoard is a unique learning platform where students are given LIVE Online Training for SAT, ACT, Subject SAT, AP, IGCSE, IB Curriculum.

The Live classes are highly beneficial to the students as they don’t have to travel long distances for coaching leading to an increase of productivity of the students.

The trainers at LessonBoard are highly experienced and qualified in their respective fields and are selected only after qualifying a rigorous selection process.

The founder of LessonBoard, Mr. Punit Ahuja, is a Verbal, Reasoning and Soft Skills Trainer himself having numerous years of experience in the teaching domain. He has trained thousands of students for CAT, CLAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, etc. in his teaching career. Many of these students have gone on to score a 1550+ score on the SAT, 35/36 on the ACT, and a 99%ile on the CAT.

LessonBoard gives students the freedom to choose class slots as per their own convenience. Once the student blocks his/her slot, the faculty takes the LIVE class accordingly.

Our Mission & Vision

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. - William Butler Yeats
  • Vision
  • Mission
We are unbounded enthusiasts of education. Hard work, determination, focus and consistency are the key ingredients of the delicacy called success. Our aim is to provide the students with the best study platform integrated with strong concepts and a team of resolute trainers. We aim to simplify the concepts for the young minds and prepare them for the future. A good score on any test is a matter of right guidance and precise practice. We intend to equip the students with the same. Our aim is to proffer education to every student who aspires to be in a good college/university and hopes to be a part of a better tomorrow. We aim to strive hard to help a student realise his/her true potential.
To be one of the most sought after learning platforms for students aspiring to succeed. Our Motto is “Simplifying Learning”. In this world of cut-throat competition, a student is expected to do a lot. A student must manage school commitments, pursue a hobby, participate in extracurriculars, do an internship and on top of it - prepare for SAT to go abroad for higher studies. We try to make things easy for students at LessonBoard, where they can attend classes ‘live’ at the comfort of their home. They are also witness to our enhanced and unmatched quality and delivery. This way they manage time well and this also helps to increase their productivity.

The LessonBoard Advantage/ Why us?

Well, there are many companies out there who prepare students for SAT and ACT. Then how is LessonBoard different from them? Or why should a student prefer LessonBoard?
1. Personalized Learning with experienced trainers
LessonBoard ensures that each student gets personalized and tailor made learning. We have an experienced team of qualified facilitators. Each facilitator puts his/her shoulder to wheel to ensure a student makes the most of the class and gets the desired result. LessonBoard provides a perfect launchpad to help you get into the college you’ve set your heart on. Extraordinary faculty, out-of-the-box teaching techniques, individual attention - you name it and we deliver it.
2. Comprehensive Study Plan
Ours is a 45-60 hours comprehensive course. First, a student takes the Diagnostic Test - post which we assess his/her areas of strength and improvement. The classes are delivered to the student keeping these in mind after which the student starts taking Section Tests and Full Length Practice Tests. We also provide a Performance Tracker to the student to let him/her know his/her performance consistency.
3. On-the-go Lessons
We have designed our classes in such a way that a student is able to book a class at his/her own convenience. Not only that - if he/she is unable to attend the class last minute, he/she can easily cancel the slot as well. Furthermore, post the completion of the curriculum, there are not only separate doubt classes but also individual analysis of some Practice Tests.
4. Doubt clarification
We strongly believe that learning cannot happen just inside the classroom(in our case - virtual). A student needs to practice and constantly work towards improvement. To support the students, we have the provision of allotting Unlimited Doubt Classes. A student may request for any number of classes to clarify his/her doubts and we shall be happy to help!
5. Progress Meetings
Our experts shall be organizing regular progress meetings with the student/guardian to ensure smooth and meaningful progress of the student. The experts shall be guiding the students about the next steps they need to take keeping in mind their areas of strengths and improvements. This way, we would ensure that the students are on the right track, thereby increasing their chances of success.
6. Money Back Guarantee
We promise to deliver excellence. However, should you feel that our classes are not doing any good to you, go ahead and apply for a FULL REFUND within 7 days(counted from the first day of the class) or upto 2 classes - whichever is earlier. Not just this, if at any later point you wish to withdraw, we will go ahead and refund you the money on a pro-rata basis. Pro-rata calculation shall be on the basis of classes remaining out of a total of 40 hours(excluding doubt classes). We shall be sad to see you go, but we would also understand your concern. Please note that the GST and the cost of books and material shall be non-refundable.

So, what are you waiting for? Enrol NOW!!  

Co-Founder's Message

We at LessonBoard believe in making education a friendly & creative tool. We eagerly look for newfound ways to make education interesting. Life is short and one should make the most of it. Why should a student  spend hours travelling daily to attend classes and while away his valuable time when he/ she can attend the classes at the comfort of his/her home?

In a world where time is everything, we believe in giving our students the liberty to choose & study according to their own convenience. When the goal is to take over the world, traveling should just not be an impediment. Imagine a situation where you are escaping that horrendous peak traffic and those long and strenuous traveling hours, thereby increasing your productivity! Imagine a situation where you are attending LIVE Online Classes sitting at home and being mentored by the best of faculties.

LessonBoard is one of a kind portal where all the technical know-how’s are dealt with utmost diligence & sincerity. Our motto is “Simplifying Learning”; we give our students that extra leg up, which helps them make a mark for themselves. Ours is a team of qualified & experienced facilitators who cater to the different needs of different students.

Come, be a part of LessonBoard and experience the difference!

Punit Ahuja

Co-founder and Director

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