1. Covered Products/Services: Our refund policy applies exclusively to our SAT/ACT and AP Comprehensive Programs. Any hourly or personalized program is not covered under the refund policy.

2. Refund Conditions: Refunds can be requested if the student is unhappy with the classes, changes his/her mind, or any personal reasons.

3. Refund Timeline: For SAT/ACT and AP Comprehensive Programs, a full refund (excluding GST) is eligible within the first 7 days of class commencement or 2 classes, whichever is earlier. Post this period, refunds are calculated on a pro-rata basis, which the LessonBoard team will inform the client about upon receiving the refund application from them.

4. Refund Request Process: Customers can initiate a refund request by emailing us at getintouch@lessonboard.in.

5. Refund Approval: Refund requests will be approved subject to the following: 

a)The student is still undergoing regular classroom training with us 

bThe student is in the middle of the Learning Phase and has not progressed to the Practice Phase or Mock Phase. If the student has completed all the classes under the Learning Phase, a refund will not apply 

c) The student is able to provide a valid reason for proceeding with the refund. 

d) The student is not ready to accept alternatives proposed by LessonBoard.

6. Refund Processing Time: Refunds will be processed within 30 days of applying for the refund.

7. Non-Refundable Items: GST and the cost of books and materials are non-refundable. 

Additionally, any misconduct or misbehavior toward our staff may result in termination of services without a refund.

8. Communication: All refund-related communication will be conducted via email.

9. Alternative Refund Options: No alternative refund options are available; refunds are based on the course completion status.

10. Termination Due to Misconduct: In cases of misbehavior, misconduct, or disrespect toward our staff, including teaching and non-teaching staff or management, services may be terminated without a refund.