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Aroosh Moulik
LessonBoard has truly helped me a lot in preparing for college. Be it the SAT or AP, LessonBoard's diverse suite of services is truly capable of meeting the demands of any student. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to strengthen his academics and reach new heights in life.
Aroosh Moulik Founder
This is one of the only platforms that offers one on one coaching for the SAT and I must say that they have perfected their concept. I had come to learn about LessonBoard from my peers and I'm really glad that I did because it's a very good platform for learning. Moreover, Punit Sir's friendliness and helpful nature is an icing on the cake.
Utkarsh Mittal Founder
I took classes for SAT Subject Tests(Math2 & Physics). I have honestly never had such a unique learning experience. I relate to, and vibe with my teachers. Everything is pre-planned to perfection. LessonBoard has been a worthy investment of my time and money. I look forward to attending more classes. Thanks to all my teachers!
Subharghya Das Founder
The fact that LessonBoard provides us with online classes is a HUGE advantage over an physical institution. The kind of flexibility and saving of time that LessonBoard gives to a student is a major plus point. Besides this, the teaching material and method is very helpful.
Pranav Bhandari Founder
LessonBoard provides a exceptional platform to crack the SAT. The online classes are extremely comfortable which leads to increase in productivity of the students. The faculty is highly qualified. Students have the freedom to select classes as per their convenience.
Ishan Bhutoria Founder
Hyren Jain
Great classes.. teachers are fun to talk to and are very professional. Classes are held according to both the teacher and student’s convenience which help manage my school studies along with my SATs.
Hyren Jain Founder
Extremely good Faculty. Study material was appropriate. Flexibility in rescheduling timings as per our requirement is much appreciated. Very professional at the same time very friendly approach instills a comfort level for students to enjoy the online sessions. Time to time follow-up with parents on progress made is also helpful. Highly recommend.
Saakshi Pillai Founder
Great place to learn and practice SAT. Punit Sir was amazing!!!
Abhay K Iyengar Founder
Extremely helpful and approachable teachers - Check. Punctual - Check. Classes at your convenience - Check. Online classes - Check. Lots and lots of practice material - Check. Everything is perfect here ... Easily the best place for your SAT or ACT Coaching.
Aarrya Saraf Founder


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LessonBoard is a unique learning platform where students are given LIVE Online Training for SAT, ACT, Subject SAT, AP, IGCSE, IB Curriculum.