1. Collection of Personal Information: We collect personal information, including name, school, grade, contact number, and email address, exclusively through the “Contact Us” page when voluntarily submitted by users. This information is used for customer support and marketing purposes.

2. Data Collection Method: Personal information is collected solely through forms on our “Contact Us” page when users willingly submit their details.

3. Purpose of Data Collection: Collected data is utilized for customer support and marketing purposes.

4. Sharing of Personal Information: We do not share or sell users’ personal information with third parties.

5. Data Security: All collected data is securely stored on our personal servers, inaccessible to third parties.

6. User Rights: Users can request changes to their submitted data by emailing us at getintouch@lessonboard.in.

7. Contact Information: For privacy-related concerns or inquiries, users can reach out to us at getintouch@lessonboard.in.

8. Cookie Usage: We do not use cookies or tracking technologies on our website.

9. Compliance with Data Protection Laws: We are committed to complying with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

10. Policy Updates: Our privacy policy is regularly updated on our website, ensuring transparency and user awareness of any changes.