ACT Personalised Program – One to One (1:1)

If you’re ready to take your ACT preparation to the next level, our Personalized Program is your pathway to success. Tailor your ACT revision to your needs, optimize your study hours, and receive the expert guidance you deserve. Your ACT goals are within reach with LessonBoard’s ACT Personalized Program, where every class is a private 1:1 session.

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Tailored for Targeted Improvement

Designed for students who have previously prepared for the ACT or have achieved a minimum score of 30, this program is perfect for those looking to fine-tune their skills, address specific areas of improvement, and receive focused assistance as they approach the exam date.

Individualised 1:1 Attention

Every aspect of our Personalized Program is conducted in a completely 1:1 format. You'll benefit from exclusive, individualized attention from our expert faculty. This ensures that your unique needs, questions, and challenges are addressed with precision and care.

Flexible Hour Selection

We understand that every student's needs are unique. In our Personalized Program, you have the freedom to select the number of hours of instruction that best align with your specific goals and requirements. Whether you need a few hours of review or a more extensive revision, you're in control.

Cost-Effective and Transparent Pricing

Our fees for the ACT Personalized Program are based on the number of hours you choose. This transparent pricing model allows you to invest in the exact amount of support you need, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your SAT preparation.

Focused Revision

Our experienced faculty will work closely with you to create a customized study plan that hones in on the areas that require attention. Whether it's specific math concepts, reading comprehension strategies, or writing techniques, your revision will be laser-focused to maximize your score improvement.

Just-in-Time Help

The program is designed to offer specific assistance closer to your exam date. You'll receive targeted guidance and practice to ensure that you're well-prepared and confident on test day.

Efficient and Effective

The ACT Personalized Program is all about efficiency. It's not about starting from scratch; it's about enhancing your existing skills, refining your strategies, and making the most of your study time.

Proven Results

Our program has a track record of success, with students achieving score improvements that reflect their dedication and targeted preparation.

Note : You need to sign up for a minimum duration of 15 hours in the beginning.

Step 1

Connect with us via call, text or email.

Step 2

Based on your subject requirements, we shall line up a Free Demo Class.

Step 3

Upon successful demo completion, Sign Up takes place.

Step 4

The Admissions Team gets on an intro call with the family.

Step 5

Classes start