Digital SAT Mock Test Series


Prepare for the Digital SAT with confidence using LessonBoard’s Digital SAT Mock Test Series. Our program offers a comprehensive and interactive approach to help you excel in the Digital SAT. Here’s why our Mock Test Series stands out:

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10 Full-Length Mocks with Detailed Analysis

Our program includes a series of ten full-length Digital SAT mock tests, each mirroring the actual exam format. After completing a test, you'll receive detailed answer explanations to help you understand your mistakes, reinforce your knowledge, and improve your test-taking strategies. Not just that, you will also get a complete break-down of your performance, analytics, and metrics. These include topic-wise time taken and accuracy analysis, highlighting your areas of improvements for further practice.

Actual Digital SAT Interface

Familiarity with the Digital SAT interface is crucial for success. Our mock tests are designed to replicate the actual SAT interface, ensuring that you're well-prepared for the digital format of the exam.

Play and Practice Module with Built-in AI

Enhance your skills with our Play and Practice Module, which includes AI-powered features to provide personalized practice recommendations based on your performance. This dynamic tool helps you focus on areas that require improvement, making your practice sessions more efficient and effective.

Detailed Analysis of the Mocks

Our Digital SAT Mock Test Series offers in-depth analysis of your mock test performance. You'll receive detailed feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement, and we provide a breakdown of your performance by topic and difficulty level. This insightful distribution allows you to pinpoint specific content areas that may require additional focus, ensuring that your SAT preparation is targeted and effective.

1000+ Questions to Practice

Practice makes one perfect, and our program offers over 1000 questions covering a wide range of SAT topics. These practice questions are designed to reinforce your understanding and build your confidence as you progress through your SAT preparation.

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