The Dilemma:

A substantial portion of students pursuing higher education find themselves grappling with remedial mathematics courses that neither count towards their degrees nor bolster their mathematical competence. This predicament largely arises from a deficiency in fundamental math skills.


The Resolution:

Enter Precalculus, a pivotal math course within the American high school system. Embracing Precalculus enhances a student’s likelihood of successfully attaining a bachelor’s degree by an impressive 155%.


Exploring AP Precalculus: The Key to Bridging the Divide


Why Choose AP Precalculus?

  • AP® Precalculus emerges as a revolutionary solution designed to equip a broader spectrum of students with the mathematical expertise required for college. It seamlessly replaces traditional precalculus or trigonometry courses. Educational institutions can seamlessly incorporate AP Precalculus into their curriculum, commencing from the academic year 2023-24. The inaugural AP Precalculus Exam will be held in spring 2024.
  • This course comes with a unique mission: to democratize the advantages of AP coursework, particularly among students who have not previously ventured into AP education. Engaging in even a single AP course has a profound influence on student outcomes, significantly elevating their initial college GPA and timely graduation rates.
  • Tailored for students who have successfully completed Geometry and Algebra 2 or Integrated Math 3, AP Precalculus builds upon the foundational content from these prerequisite courses. This implies that every student prepared for precalculus is suitably primed for AP Precalculus.
  • The content within AP Precalculus mirrors that of existing high school precalculus courses, which inherently possess an advanced nature. Educators can continue to utilize their current textbooks while aligning their teaching methodologies with the AP Precalculus Course and Exam Description. Moreover, teachers can leverage digital instructional resources available through AP Classroom, along with opportunities for professional growth.

Advantages for Students:


  1. Empowering Incentives: Enrolling in AP Precalculus can lead to students gaining advanced placement in college, earning college credits, or potentially both – a compelling motivator to embark on four years of uninterrupted mathematical study. Those who maintain their engagement with math throughout their high school journey are an impressive 140.5% more likely to be considered “college ready” and “calculus ready.”
  1. Extended Learning Duration: AP Precalculus students benefit from substantially more interaction time with their teachers, allowing for a more profound comprehension of the subject matter and skill development. They enjoy an impressive 140 hours of instructional time with their AP teacher, in contrast to the approximately 48 hours typically allocated in a conventional college course. This additional learning takes place within a smaller, more intimate classroom environment, enhancing the learning experience.


  • Accessible Support: Students enrolled in AP Precalculus gain access to a wealth of digital learning and practice resources, which complement their existing textbooks. These resources serve as invaluable aids in reinforcing concepts and refining their mathematical prowess.

In conclusion, the potency of high school Precalculus, particularly the groundbreaking AP Precalculus, is undeniable. It provides a transformative solution to the enduring challenge of college students grappling with foundational math skills. By embracing AP Precalculus, students can not only enhance their mathematical proficiency but also embark on a more promising trajectory towards success in higher education.