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LessonBoard greatly helped me secure a good score on the SAT. The teachers were extremely helpful and were always open to answering my doubts. I struggled with the English section at first, but LessonBoard provided me with enough resources and practice materials to boost my score. The best thing about LessonBoard is the flexibility they provide. I could take mocks according to my convenience and I did not have to compromise on other subjects in order to make time for SAT mocks. Thank you LessonBoard for making this possible!
My journey with LessonBoard has been a great one. The interactive maths session helped me gain great clarity of various topics, and the English sessions were a great support. I was initially scared of ruining my SAT score because of the English section, but the mentors at LessonBoard made sure I was ready for the test day. From the on-demand doubt sessions, to the availability of a huge number of mocks, I got enough practice to get the desired score. Thank you LessonBoard for making that possible!
My experience with LessonBoard has indeed been an amazing one. The teachers and the entire team are extremely supportive and helpful. Anytime I needed help or anything else, they were just a message away. Whether it be sending the mocks one day before or scheduling doubt classes, they were always consistent. What I particularly liked was how they followed up on the students. I would constantly get calls or messages asking me about the homework tracker and about what progress I had made in it or when was I going to update it, etc. This actually kept me more engaged with the whole prep and ensured me to practice with full efforts. The classes taken by the teachers were fun alongside being informative and individualized attention was given to each student. Thank you to the entire LessonBoard team:)
Whether it be meticulous test prep in terms of teaching material, personal attention to cater to your needs, or extensive mocks and sessions to clear our doubts - LessonBoard offers it all. Dishing down and explaining strategies specific to the test in a precise and simple manner is what separates test prep with LessonBoard from the rest. With the online mode of learning not being the devilish atrocity - it once had a reputation for - I would recommend LessonBoard for test prep (SAT/ACT) during the Pandemic and beyond. The teachers are there for you at LessonBoard - All you need to do is ask.
We started very late preparing for the AP exam. Punit and the LessonBoard team made it possible for my daughter to get ready within 3 months time. The entire staff is very dedicated. The instructor was passionate about the topic and this helped my daughter get inspired on the subject. Periodic chapter level tests helped us understand the gaps and PTM sessions helped us plan next steps. Finally the mock tests and review sessions helped her do very well in the exam. Lessonbord staff helped coordinate all the classes, reviews and mock tests. Overall we could not have done it without LessonBoard. Very happy we went with them.
Our experience with LessonBoard has been excellent. Tanisha signed up for hourly sessions and they worked out very well for her. The teacher worked on recurring errors that she used to make, fine tuned what was required and this has helped her boost her confidence. She was very approachable, flexible and experienced as well. Admin team was very efficient and prompt in sending practice papers, coordinating or rescheduling sessions. Thank you Punit for going through her earlier practice papers and for suggesting the number of hours required to work on what she needed to, you really acted upon within a few hours, organizing her sessions and we were able to start asap without wasting a single day. This is what has made our experience with LessonBoard totally exceptional.
My journey with LessonBoard has been absolutely enriching. I had members of the faculty guiding me and supporting me through every step of the way, be it from learning certain topics to solving mock papers and finally giving the SAT. I can certainly say that it made my standardized testing journey easier. Thank you LessonBoard.
The teachers did an incredible job of personalized tutoring for ACT. Their theory sessions and practice tests were both very useful. Our son was able to improve his scores significantly and got better scores than what we expected. Thanks to their help he is in the top 1% students for ACT.
I am extremely satisfied by the way in which Lesson Board conducted classes for SAT preparation for my son. The team led by Punit is very qualified and dedicated. From structured lessons, regular homework, doubt clearing sessions to the all important feedback shared with students and parents, their sincerity and personal touch ensures that every student is well prepared. Infact the team members go out of their way to reach out to students who need extra help, and ensure that they are given the same. I would strongly recommend them to anyone planning to appear for SAT or other exams for which LessonBoard offers classes. Wishing them the very best!
LessonBoard helped prepare my son for his APs and with their regular classes, systematic guidance and regular tests, he was able to get 5 in both.
It was a great experience having Lessonboard for my kid's SAT coaching in US. I was amazed by the professionalism and commitment of the staff as well as the tutors. Not only did they spend good time on teaching and testing, but they also followed up very diligently on test results. They provided strong guidance all along and helped improve the score. Definitely recommended!!!

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